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In 2 Timothy 3:5 Paul explains that people in the last days will have a form of godliness but deny its power.

What does it mean to have a form of godliness, but deny its power?

It means we go to church but we are not changed. We worship, but we don’t truly experience the presence of God. We pray for miracles, but we don’t really have faith that God will answer. We read the Word, but we don’t apply it. This passage means we talk about the power of God, but we’re not experiencing it! We advertise God is moving, but in actuality, only people are moving.

If you’re tired of moves of man and ready to experience a move of God in your life, then this is the book for you.

In Where’s the Beef?, Pastor Brent Simpson shares practical principles that will enable you to reclaim the power of God in your life and ministry.

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What other people are saying
“It is my opinion that every pastor, youth pastor, church worker and each individual child of God, needs to read this book.” – W. Gene Petty, former

superintendent of the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God“Brent Simpson has written a convicting manifesto regarding God’s Power and Divine Purpose for your life” – Allen Griffin, AG Ministries

The Man’s Manifesto
Rediscovering the man within the male There is a difference between being a male and being a man. While the world is full of males – examples of genuine masculinity are few and far between. It is for this reason that this book was written. John Wayne once said, “A man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by.” This book endeavors to share some of that creed – the DNA of great men. Its expectations are high, and its call is life-changing. To aspire to be a man is to aspire for greatness. It’s a life-long quest. This book will teach men how to react during challenging circumstances, how to confront evil with resolve and how to live a life worthy of the high calling of the nobility of genuine manhood.


What other people are saying
“I strongly recommend THE MAN’S MANIFESTO to all fathers who want to help a son reach his potential.”- Bob Rhoden, author FOUR FACES OF A LEADER

“The Man’s Manifesto a resource that not only gives manhood a definition, but models it through real life examples.” – John Hensel, Men’s Director for the Peninsular Florida District Council of the Assemblies of God

“Brent Simpson has penned a powerful message to men coming of age to let them know what they will need to do to become great men.” – Dr. Alan Ehler, Dean, College of Christian Ministry and Religion, Southeastern University

“I highly recommend this book to men, for it is my conviction that if they will take the powerful truths contained in this book and make them a part of their daily lives, they will truly become Men of God!” – W. Gene Petty, former Superintendent of the Northern New England District of the Assemblies of God

“This book will leave a lasting legacy to all who read it, young or old. I enthusiastically recommend The Man’s Manifesto.” – David Garcia, Lead Pastor, Grace World Outreach Church

“This book is destined to be a classic that will be passed down from generation to generation!” – Pat Schatzline, Evangelist & author, Remnant Ministries International

“I believe every father should read this book alongside his son.” – Allen Griffin, Evangelist, AG Ministries.

Your Life Is An Epic Story

Your Life Is An Epic Story” is meant to be a gift book that inspires the recipient to live an extraordinary life by challenging them to write their personal biography one day at a time. This book will remind you to live intentionally, which is the key to experiencing a remarkable life that inspires others.


We live in a world that has become increasingly hostile toward Christianity. Many followers of Jesus Christ have stumbled in their faith because of verbal attacks from atheists, agnostics and skeptics, and most believers have not been properly trained to respond to their objections. In this 5 part DVD curriculum, Apologist & Pastor Brent Simpson uses science, philosophy and reason to explain with clarity why God is real, Christianity is true, how to defend your faith against verbal assaults, and how to evangelize your unbelieving friends and family.

Part 1: Why Believe in God? (64minutes) Is there any evidence that God exists? In this session you will learn from science, philosophy and reason why it is very reasonable to believe that God exists and absurd to assume He doesn’t.

Part 2: Why Believe in Christianity? (66 minutes) There are millions of “gods” out there, how do we know which God is the real God? In this session you will learn how science, philosophy and reason lead us toward the God of the Bible. You will also learn that the resurection of Jesus is verifiable and how it separates Him from every other religious leader.

Part 3: Why Believe in the Bible? (52 minutes) The Bible is anti-scientific and full of errors and contradictions, right? In this session you will learn that the Bible is the Word of God, how we know the writers told the truth and examines the issues of contradictions, mistakes and changes in Scripture. Part 4: Evolution? From Goo to You via the Zoo. (43 minutes) is evolution true or not? In this session you will learn which parts of the evolutionary theory are true and verifiable, and which parts are simply unreasonable.

Part 5: Using Apologetics in Evangelism. (40 minutes) How do I evangelize my atheist friend or family member? In this session you will learn how to use apologetics and clarifying questions as a bridge to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The TRUTH curriculum comes with 5 DVD’s and rights to duplicate the workbook for only $50.

To order the TRUTH small group curriculum please contact Brent Simpson.