About Me


Brent Simpson has taught apologetics on five continents to hundreds of students. Apologetics is a subject that can bore many people, especially high school and college students. Brent’s passionate and fun teaching style makes defending your faith come alive and will be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Brent’s TRUTH Apologetics curriculum has been taught around the world. It has also been translated into spanish where it has been passed around Latin America and retaught countless times in churches and Bible colleges.

Beyond the Truth curriculum, Brent also teaches apologetic classes on many other subjects. A few of these are homosexuality issues, why atheism is not reasonable, developing a Christian worldview, what’s happening in America, and implementing the power of God in apologetics.

“Now I feel prepared to witness to my friends on the University Campus. This even answered questions I had about my own faith.” – Jose, A student at the University of Costa Rica.