In the last 3 weeks, Arise has grown by 150 people, with at least 38 decisions for Christ, 41 guest units, 6 physical healings, and 2 baptisms in the Holy Spirit.

People sometimes wonder why we do stuff like the Champa Bay series. This is why! But please keep reading…
I hesitated to make this post, because I don’t want our wins to make any church feel less successful. I know how that feels, and I don’t want it for anyone. Churches are NOT in competition.
But I do want this post to be an encouragement for every church (and pastor) to stretch, think outside of the box and the four walls of your church, be creative and go for it, be more concerned with reaching the lost than tickling the ears of the saints.
Because people are hungry for God right now. As the world is shaking people want something secure to hold on to.
In the midst of our fear saturated society, people desire hope.
In our world of fake news, and people not knowing what to believe anymore, they are returning to THE Unchanging Truth of the Gospel and Bible.
The fields are white and ready for harvest, but yesteryears harvesting techniques probably won’t work in today’s post-Christian America.
What if the revival we desire is just waiting on us to love our neighbor more than we love the safety of our systems?
What if change is the doorway to experiencing the revival we long for?
So refuse to complain about the world, and instead, go win it for Jesus. Be creative, be Holy Spirit led, and let’s become the unstoppable force God created the church to be! #TheChurch #LetsGo

Esse Quam Videri,

Pastor Brent